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Accelerating the development of the decentralised internet.

About TypeHuman

Blockchain venture studio

Typehuman is accelerating the development of the decentralised internet. We build and grow Web 3.0 ventures by leveraging our network, expertise and access to capital.

We work with people and organisations in three different ways:

  • Strategy & Advisory
  • Incubation
  • Joint Ventures

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Why we need a new internet

27 Feb '18 – Julian Waters-Lynch

Every so often, humanity invents something that changes almost everything else. From the development of language itself, the wheel, writing, mathematics, printing, railways, electricity, automobiles, computers to the internet, the effects of such inventions spillover to transform...

Moving from Web 2.0 to 3.0

1 Mar '18 – Nick Byrne

The notes below are what I read off during a short talk at Conference in Sydney on 28 February 2018. The panels focus was on ethics and technology, and how we move forward. In preparing for the talk, I became interested in power, and specifically how business...


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